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Printable Luggage Tags by Wellness Shopland - Time to Travel

Printable Luggage Tags - Time for Travel!

Private journeys and adventures or island holidays. Lot of you will be traveling a lot this season to find new adventures, or spend the holidays with your friends and loved ones. Lets make sure you're all set to go and return!

Printable Luggage Tags Wellness Shopland Time to Travel

Here are some travel tips for adventures trips:
  • Buy a small backpack: This will help you pack light, something you will never regret and help you take the essentials!
  • Pack a flashlight and a combination lock: You always need those!
  • Take extra socks: Freshness is something you always need in an adventure
  • Use a map: Don't be affraid to look like a tourist, you are after all!
  • Sometimes let yourself be lost: Find hidden gems by your own and if you affraid just ask for directions a local!
  • When you walk out, take only what you need: As before, pack light all the time!
  • Make some copies of important documents: Passports or other needed documents are a must, so copy them, email them to yourself because you never know when you might need to have them!
  • Learn some phrases in the native language: Locals will appreciate that you are trying at least!
  • Never eat near a tourist attraction: A general rule is that the closer you are the more you are going to pay and the worse would be the food and service!
  • Try new food: Don't miss that opportunity, you might taste something amazing and new!
  • Take pictures of your luggage
  • Use luggage tags: And here we have some cute printable solutions for you! <3
Wellness Shopland made this free PDF of printable luggage tags for you, to avoid picking up the wrong luggage at the airport and to adorn them!

Print these pages and use heavier card stock to avoid wrinkling.

Do not forget to have fun because that what travels are made of - fun! If you please, do snap some photos for Wellness Shopland and tag #wellnessshopland on Instagram - we'd love to see them!

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Take care and have fun,
George - Wellness Shopland