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Wellness Shopland

Über uns

Willkommen zu Wellness Shopland!

Wellness ist ein Zustand des Seins und wir sind hier, um Ihnen dabei zu helfen, sich selbst zu einer Priorität zu machen. Erfreuen Sie sich an unseren einzigartigen handgefertigten Damenaccessoires-Stilen und -Designs! 



Our Wellness product series is designed to be natural, organic, and recyclable.  We trust and believe in cruelty free fashion. Vegan leather bags, straw or wool hats, vegan women accessories can be both stylish and have good quality. So in 2019 we decided to see if we could show that to the world and started this small shop.

Here you can find vegan leather bags which never consist of leather from any animal. We support sustainability while animal welfare and well-being is our top priorities. We use a few high quality vegan materials made from tough fabric based microfiber leather with a mix of polyurethane resin coating and sustainable materials such as fruit waste.

Every piece is a unique fashion statement, made just for every passionate woman, you!


Global Shipping

We think globally and ship world-wide. 


Why buy from Us

Wellness Shopland items are based on a sustainable and ethical route, manufactured with recycled materials, vegetable by-products, and polyurethane. When you buy a product from Wellness Shopland you can be sure that it is a cruelty free, and we don't use any animal based dyes in any of our products.

Health and social welfare of our partners comes first, and we aim on a balanced work. Wellness Shopland is an Ethical Brand. All of our safety audits are carried out by our team, to ensure our products are produced in a safe ethical environment, while factories where our products are produced are certified.



Unsere Priorität ist persönliche Betreuung und exzellenter Kundenservice.

Looking for something? Use the search button. Can't find it? Feel free to contact us anytime with any ideas or questions about our shop! 💖