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Possessing a straw hat is advantageous for every woman or man because it provides sun protection, is lightweight to carry, and is extremely easy to clean. Another advantage of owning floppy straw hats is that there are countless ways to decorate them and keep them looking current!


If you can incorporate your straw hat into your wardrobe with just a few simple pieces, it will become an integral part of your wardrobe each season. Whether it's winter, spring, summer or fall, you can be some that your straw hat will see plenty of action while remaining fashionable!


Summer Months

Summer is the best season to wear women's light hats. It's ideal for the weather and it's also a lot of fun to decorate! For instance, you can create a beach-inspired nautical theme with very simple pieces for your women's straw hats. Wrap a thin strip of dark blue ribbon around the handle to replicate the colors of a nautical ship (whether it is plain dark blue or it has white stripes on it as well).


To add some pizzazz, use hot glue to adhere to a small red plastic anchor that can be purchased at any craft store. Another great idea is to add gold buttons to the floppy straw hats bands and you'll have a  cool nautical hat for the summer!



Spring is a season of romance and this is an excellent theme for re-decorating your hats. Wrap a pale pink ribbon around the base of your women's raffia hats and embellish with a few faux flower sprigs. If your ribbon is colorful or dotted, keep your flower embellishments simple.


If your ribbon is basic, you will have more space to add color to your floral arrangement. Some women even include a tiny see-through scarf to put around their necks, à la Bridges of Madison County!


Fall and Winter

Fall and winter are not less enjoyable than summer or spring but the fashion style becomes more muted as the weather cools. Keep your accents to a minimum to ensure that your floppy straw hat looks appropriate for these months. Consider "rock and rawr" with a leopard or tiger print band encircling the band.


The fabric can be wild and outlandish (such as giraffe or zebra prints) or you can add a sophisticated twist with jeweled stones or faux fur trims, giving your floppy hat the appearance of being worn during both the warm and cold months.


After all, any style vixen should be able to work something that appears to be hip, contemporary and current - which you can achieve with your ladies' straw hats!

Straw hats were created to protect the head from heatstroke but are now often worn for fashion or as a decorative element of a uniform. A straw hat is a brim constructed from straw or reeds.


Interesting Fact

Believe it or not, men in Europe and subsequently Asia began wearing straw hats as part of their uniform headwear.


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