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Eco Friendly Wellness Shopland, notre avenir vert

Wellness Shopland, Our Green Future

 Wellness Shopland

In a world that is constantly changing, Wellness Shopland is enriching its green strategy with all time classic fashion bags and accessories, made of eco friendly materials to respect the environment. 

Wellness Shopland understands the need to reduce human emissions since more and more countries are turning to circular economy models. Circular economy business models keep products and materials in use, by design, for as long as possible to get the maximum value from them. A circular economy approach ensures that materials are retained within productive use, in a high value state, for as long as possible.

Recycled fashion is a circular economy. With this term, we use recycled materials as raw materials such as vegan leather and natural dyes.

Comfortable shoulder bags, chic handbags, practical backpacks, but also other neat women's accessories are just a few options from the range covered by the our eco friendly collection.

Wellness Shoulder bags
Choose our shoulder bags as they can be combined with a huge range of clothes and worn in different occasions. Available in various colors, designs and sizes, they can be easily combined with all your clothes, the right accessory for any occasion and for all seasons.

Wellness Handbags
What is more classic but also modern than handbags? It is a must-have kind of bag for emery's woman collection since its the ideal bag for countless occasions in all seasons.
You can also use our handbags, as an amazing shoulder bag with practical straps. In Wellness Shopland, you can find designs to cover even the most demanding fashion ideas.


Wellness Backpacks
Backpacks are the right choice for every outing. Everything you need for your exit, fits comfortably. Enter our e-shop and choose the one that suits your style from our variety.

By purchasing products from the Wellness collection, you are actively participating in a circular economy model that results in a better and cleaner tomorrow. Let us all contribute together in the effort for a less polluting world for us and our children.

Beautiful, practical and ecologically made, Wellness Shopland products will highlight your special personality in your life. Do not miss the opportunity to visit our online store and browse among our products.